Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Bus Called Home

4 m, 3 w, 1 either. Outside a retirement home, a bus stop gives residents hope of returning to their homes, and, for staff members, a way to prevent residents from wandering off. Approximately ten minutes. As yet unperformed.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Danish

An elderly man finds his breakfast habits must change when his wife reads about transfats. 1 m, 1 w. A one page play. Premiered at the Heritage Theatre Festival, Bend, Oregon, and the Maple Grove Players, Columbus, Ohio, both in May 2008.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bread and Pigeons

3 w, 1 m. Approximately 5 minutes. A piece about the increased problems created by elderly folk needlessly feeding pigeons in urban areas. Inspired by a 2006 BBC report about efforts to reduce pigeon populations in English cities and stiff resistence from "pigeon feeders." Produced as part of "Tellebration," Costa Mesa, California, November 2007.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Not the Delany Sisters

3 women. Fifteen minutes. Two sisters over the age of one hundred are interviewed by a New York Times reporter looking for winsome elderly people, but prove impossible. Comedy. Produced at the Senior Theatre League of America meeting, Columbus, Ohio, 2002.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Who's Herbert?

2 women, 1 man. All over 65. Runs approximately ten minutes or so. Residents of a retirement facility try to figure out who was married to Herbert, and if that's Herbert or not. Produced at the Senior Theatre League of America meeting, St. Louis, 2006. Commissioned by Pat Barnett, Salt Lake City Senior Theatre, Utah, and Sarah Worthington, Footsteps of the Elders, Columbus, Ohio.

Limbo, Ohio

two versions: first: one man, one woman. Approximately five minutes. Willy Loman discovers what happens after one commits suicide.
second: one man, two women. Same length. Where dramatic characters who commit suicide wind up.
Three actor version premiered at the Senior Theatre Festival USA in Baltimore, June, 2008.

The Safari

2 men. Approximately five minutes. Aging, would-be Big Game Hunters in Africa, on a safari much like the famous pheasant hunt organized for a recent American Vice President. Premiered in July, 2007, at the National Arts Festival Fringe in Grahamstown, South Africa, as part of Blameless Productions' "Bedtime Stories for Big Boys and Girls." More information at